The White-label model

Who is it for: Business entrepreneurs owning active call centers with general sales understanding who are interested in pursuing new opportunities in the field of online trading as a franchisee.
How it works: This model provides our partners with our full services excluding trading brands usage. According to this model, it is the entrepreneur's responsibility to initiate a new trading brand in order to engage with our services.

The White-Label Model is designed for business entrepreneurs who are already the owners of active call centers and are well aware of the industry and possess vast knowledge of general sales. It is for those business leaders who have all that and are willing to expand and pursue new opportunities, developments, and ideas in the world of online trading as a franchisee. It’s important to point out that according to this model, the entrepreneur should take full responsibility in initiating a new trading brand, designed especially to engage with our services and offers.

If you are the owner of an active call center and are knowledgeable in general sales, understand the various ins and outs of the business industry, and you are seeking new opportunities to grow your business in the online trading franchise, our White-Label Model is the perfect solution for you. With the White-Label Model, we offer our full range of Level770 services, which includes the assistance of our specialized team of individuals and their many years of combined experience. However, it does not include the use of our trading brands. The White-Label Model leaves you with the full responsibility of commencing new brands of trading on your own, all the while using our business services to further expand your business.