The IB model

Who is it for: Business entrepreneurs owning active call centers with online trading experience who are interested in engaging with us in a business partnership.
How it works: Non-experienced entrepreneurs will gain our full professional support and daily escort during their "first steps" within the world of capital markets and online trading.

According to our IB Model, we offer business partnerships to business leaders and entrepreneurs who are already owning active call centers and possess a solid online trading experience. We are highly interested in collaborating with top professionals in the field, who are willing to develop their partnerships and networks by working with us. They will gain our full professional support within the world of capital markets and online trading.

Our services are ideal for smaller businesses who are just starting out and looking to offer world class customer service to their customers, as well as larger established companies who want to add to their current call center offerings. As a leader in the field of online trading, our services will not only help bolster any current call center, but will also help to direct your current call center to perform at a higher efficiency and with better customer service. As we currently support call centers in more than 40 countries across 4 continents we have experience engaging and interacting with clients and customers worldwide, providing an excellent customer experience regardless of cultural differences. Contact us today to see what we can do for your business.